Kelli Riddle, LMP, RYT

Massage Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and doTERRA Wellness Advocate in Leavenworth, WA

Services and Rates


30 minutes       $55                           

60 minutes       $110                           

90 minutes      $160

"Third Eye" Healing Session

No time frame, no agenda. Only listening to what your body and mind needs to come back into balance.

Each session could range between 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on what your body asks for. I incorporate different massage techniques, essential oils, gemstones, heat/cool and cupping to address energy chakras, muscle tightness, mental and emotional support to address the wellness of the whole person.

The theory behind this healing session: "your right side doesn't need the same treatment as your left side, so why do a uniform massage?" Come prepared with three words that best describe your current physical, mental and emotional state.       $185

Private Yoga Session- 1 person

60 minutes     $60                                                

Tribe Yoga Session

$25 per person with $100 minimum (includes mats and props)

+ $15 travel fee (waived if in Leavenworth city limits)

Tribe Massage Travel Rate

Rates above plus $20 travel fee





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