Kelli Riddle, LMP, RYT

Massage Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and doTERRA Wellness Advocate in Leavenworth, WA

Massage Therapy

 I've worked as a massage therapist since 2003 and have owned a private practice in both Seattle and Leavenworth. For most of my career, I specialized in deep tissue and injury treatment massage, working alongside doctors and insurance companies to help my clients heal from physical traumas. After becoming a certified yoga teacher in 2014, I began to study and tap into the 7 main energy chakras along the spinal column and soon realized the connection these energy centers have with who we are, how we feel and how they aid in the healing process. I use them as a guide to listen to the needs of not only my clients physical body, but also the mental and emotional centers, resulting in healing the whole person.  With the help of dōTERRA essential oils, gemstones and intuitive touch, I've developed my own style of massage I've named  "Third Eye Healing." 

Able to bill Labor & Industry claims & Personal Injury Protection claims on a case-by-case basis.



"I have received bodywork from a variety of practitioners over the years in many different settings. Many of the massage practitioners that I am attracted to have been practicing for a decade or longer and have what I call "wisdom hands". I experienced Kelli's "Third Eye" session and she took this to another level. Not only does she have wisdom in her hands, but she also provided me with insight about my life, energetically, emotionally and psychologically. I felt she was seeing me and working with me holistically - not just with my muscles and bones. The use of the aroma therapeutic oils created a new depth and complexity for me as well. She used about four or five different scents at different points in the treatment and each one had a different affect. I emerged more grounded, focused and relaxed, yet clear and alert - not the usual sluggishness that I typically feel after a massage. I intend to make this a part of my regular self-care routine and highly recommend it to others." 

-Joanna Dunn




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